James Ziliak Discusses the Trump Budget Proposal on the Safety Net

James Ziliak was recently featured on Marketplace, Vox, and The New York Times discussing President Trump's budget proposal stipulations for safety net programs. The President's budget plan includes cuts of $191 billion in SNAP benefits over the next decade, and would include work requirements for programs like Medicaid. On Marketplace, Ziliak discusses how work requirements might affect families in parts of the country where unemployment is still high. "If you impose a work requirement but there aren't really many jobs available, then that's kind of a double whammy," Ziliak said. Ziliak also notes the responsiveness of SNAP to recessions in Vox, and its importance as an automatic stabilizer. The New York Times quotes Ziliak's findings on the effectiveness of the Appalachian Regional Commission in reducing poverty, a program eliminated under the budget proposal. To listen to the Marketplace report, please click here. To read the full article on Vox, please click here. For The New York Times article, please click here.