Pandemic disproportionately affects Black households

UKCPR Research Affiliate Bradley Hardy has co-authored a new report titled Racial Economic Inequality Amid the Covid-19 Crisis. The report is published through the Hamilton Project, a non-partisan project by the Brookings Institution that focuses on fostering long-term prosperity and effective government.

Hardy’s paper, co-authored by Trevon Logan of The Ohio State University, looks at how the pandemic has worsened racial inequality for Black households in the United States. Additionally, because of the high concentration of Black workers in low-wage employment categories considered essential, African-Americans also suffer disproportionate exposure to SARS-CoV-2. The disparate impacts on Black households includes childcare jobs and access, education access, and increased stress levels.

The authors note that the current health and economic crises have the potential for “negative, long-term economic and educational consequences. Read the full report. A Web cast detailing the report is also available. Access the Web cast.