• Peffley receives University Research Professorship

    May 2019

    Mark Peffley, professor of Political Science and a UKCPR faculty affiliate, was recently recognized with a 2019-20 University Research Professorship. The award recognizes faculty who have achieved excellence in scholarship or creative work. Peffley, along with UKCPR Director James Ziliak, was one of 16 UK faculty members who received the award.

  • Winners Announced for UKCPR-FNS Food Hardships Grant Competition

    April 2019

    UKCPR is pleased to announce awardees of its competitive grant program Understanding Food-Related Hardships among Older Americans, underwritten by a $1.49 million contract from the Food and Nutrition Service of USDA. We received a large number of excellent proposals, and were only able to fund a limited number. The list of grantees can be found here

  • Bipartisan Solutions to Expanding Economic Opportunity for More Americans

    February 2019

    UKCPR Director James Ziliak participated in a moderated panel at the Aspen Institute on policies to promote economic opportunity for Americans left behind. Ziliak unveiled a series of proposals to both bring rural people to jobs and jobs to rural people. The book is available for free download and a video archive of the panel discussions may be found here.

  • James Ziliak featured in Fortune Magazine story on the shrinking middle class

    January 2019

    James Ziliak offers a solution to address the challenges facing the middle class in "The Shrinking Middle Class: How We Can Fix It", which is part of a special report found in the January 2019 issue of Fortune Magazine. 

  • UKCPR receives large grant from USDA to study food hardships among seniors

    December 2018

    UKCPR received a grant totalling $1.49 million from the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) in USDA to sponsor a competitive grant initiative to understand the causes, consequences, and correlates of food-related hardships facing older persons in the United States. More information is available here.

  • James Ziliak comments on recent Census report of poverty in Ky.

    December 2018

    UKCPR Director James Ziliak was interviewed as part of a WFPL story on a recent Census report showing that three of the five lowest median household income counties in America are located in Kentucky.

  • UK Professors Among Researchers Nationwide Funded to Study Economic Inequality

    July 2018

    UKCPR research affiliate Christopher Bollinger, in collaboration with UKCPR director James Ziliak, were among a select group of recipients of a grant from the Washington Center for Equitable Growth. Their project will help resolve a debate in the literature about whether earnings volatility has increased or decreased over the past decade, using unique data from the Census Bureau and Social Security Administration. A link to the full press release may be found here.

  • Webinar: The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act And Its Implications For Low-Income Households

    February 2018

    In this webinar, Elaine Maag of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center and James Ziliak of the University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research will discuss the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and its anticipated impacts on low-income households in the United States. The presenters will discuss key components of the new tax law and offer projections showing its likely effects on low-income households in the coming decade. Finally, they will discuss the broader implications of the shift in tax policy, including how changes in government funding may matter for other programs and initiatives relevant to low-income Americans.

  • Current Issue of Pathways Magazine Result of UKCPR Conference

    January 2018

    "The Next Round of Welfare Reform," the current issue of Pathways, a magazine published by the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality, is a result of a conference co-organized by James Ziliak of UKCPR, Marianne Bitler of University of California-Davis, Ron Haskins of Brookings Institution, and Hilary Hoynes of University of California-Berkeley. The issue, which discusses the future of welfare reform, features articles from many of the panels from the conference, held on September 22, 2016 at Brookings.  The topics include the effects of welfare reform on child well-being, marriage and families, work and poverty, and state policy choices.  More information about the current issue of Pathways may be found here.

  • James Ziliak to Discuss the Rural-Urban Divide November 29

    November 2017

    James Ziliak will participate in a webinar discussing the economic, labor force, and social welfare implications of America's rural-urban divide.  The webinar, based on an issue of The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science co-edited by Ziliak and Daniel Lichter of Cornell University, will also feature Lichter as well as Shannon Monnat, a public health policy researcher at Syracuse University, and Mark Partridge, a development economist at The Ohio State University.  The webinar will be from 12:00-1:00 PM EST on November 29.  Registration, and more information, may be found here.